Here Are The 7 Startup Ideas Women Entrepreneurs Presented At The HerPitch Event

Last week, 7 women entrepreneurs got an opportunity to present their startup ideas at the HerPitch event in New Delhi, organised by women entrepreneurship platform HerSaga in association with Jaarvis Accelerator. This was touted as a first of its kind event to encourage and support women entrepreneurship in India.  Startups with women founders or at least one woman co-founder were eligible to apply.

The jury comprised of Ishita Anand, Co-founder and CEO at BitGiving, Rohit Kumar, Founder and CEO at Chapter Apps, Saumya Vardhan, Founder and CEO at Shubhpuja and Sumeer Walia, Director-CEED, Chitkara University. The event was attended by Brett Stevens, Vice President at Jaarvis Accelerator and Vikas Kumar, Founder at Hersaga.

The 7 startups that showcased their ideas on Friday were:


PoolWallet Co-founder Smita Mishra
Co-founder: Smita Mishra

Poolwallet is a mobile peer-to-peer and group payments social network which allows the users to share expenses and split payments.

Hope Collective

hope collective Co-founder Devakshi Nayar
Co-founder: Devakshi Nayar

Hope Collective is an online marketplace where each purchase pays out as hope to a social cause. Hopecollective provides an e-commerce platform for merchandise produced by NGOs and social enterprises. It not only aids the NGOs by providing enabling them and reducing the dependency on charity, but it also supports and provides a voice to various social, economic or environmental cause which do not generally find place in traditional marketplace.



Foospot parking founder co-Founder: Ekta Sengar
Co-Founder: Ekta Sengar

Foospot allows the users to find out real time availability of parking spots and pre book them by paying through an online wallet. It also provides the facility of on demand valet and vehicle-towing.

Ithaka Tales

Ithaca tales Co-founders: Rachna Pande
Co-founder: Rachna Pande

Ithaka Tales is a pocket travel guide in the form of a mobile app that provides users travel experience in various formats, ranging from images and text to self-guided audios.


Zucate Co-founder: Moitreyee Goswami
Co-founder: Moitreyee Goswami

Zucate is an interactive learning technology which aims to fundamentalise learning and enhance accessibility in K-12 segment.

RF Creators Pvt Ltd

RF Creators Co-founders: Jenny Charan
Co-founders: Jenny Charan

RF creators have brought customized RF antennas and circuit design and development to the Indian markets, thus reducing the outsourcing from China and Korea.


Campify Co-founder: Divya Goyal
Co-founder: Divya Goyal

This mobile app aims to keep the students updated about latest news, events and academic updates in the college campus.

After a round of pitches, questions and brainstorming, the top 3 winners were announced. The Winners of HerPitch, in order are: Ithaka Tales, Hope Collective and RF Creators.

With this event, HerSaga and Jaarvis Accelerator together marked a new stepping stone in empowering women entrepreneurs through HerPitch. All shortlisted HerPitch startups will now be considered for entry into the Jaarvis Accelerator program. Selection criteria includes an assessment of whether JA is able to assist each of the startups at this stage of their growth, whether JA has suitable domain expertise and whether suitable mentors are available to assist the entrepreneurs.

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