Here’s How Long These Products Took To Reach A Billion Users

Tech companies find it easy to quickly garner a lot of users — it’s possible to build an app sitting in your home, fire it up, and see it being used by millions of people. But there’s a rarefied club of tech companies that have cracked the billion club — seeing their products being used by nearly one-seventh of humanity. There are only 6 products which have reached the milestone. Here’s how long they took to get there:

time taken by products to reach a billion users

8 years and 8 months

Facebook owns four of the apps on the list, but itself took the longest to reach the milestone. Facebook was launched in 2004, and hit the billion users landmark 8 years and 8 months later. Even after hitting a billion, Facebook’s growth hasn’t stopped — it’s gone ahead and hit its next billion. As of the last quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users.

8 years and 6 months

Facebook had acquired WhatsApp in 2014, but hadn’t spent very much on promoting the app. However such was WhatsApp’s usefulness that it’s managed to go past a billion users as well. It reached the milestone in a shade less time than its parent company, getting a billion people on board in 8 years and 6 months.

3. YouTube
8 years and 1 month

YouTube is one of the older companies in the list — it was founded a year after Facebook in 2005. However, it reached a billion users 7 months before Facebook, reaching the milestone in 8 years and 1 month.

4. Instagram
7  years and 8 months

Instagram, like WhatsApp, was acquired by Facebook, but grew largely on its own. After being founded in 2010, Instagram hit the billion-user landmark 7 years and 8 months later.

5. WeChat
7 years and 1 month

WeChat has become a way of life in China — it’s not only a messenger, but also bundles functions like payments, e-commerce, and even doctor’s appointments from the same app.¬†WeChat is available in other countries as well, but hasn’t anywhere seen nearly the kind of ubiquity as it has in China. After being founded in 2011, it reached a billion users in 7 years and 1 month.

6. Facebook Messenger
4 years and 11 months

Facebook Messenger is the fastest app on the lis to reach a billion users, but it had an unfair advantage — Messenger was already a feature on Facebook until it was spun off as a separate app. Regardless, Facebook Messenger is the fastest app to a billion users, having reached the landmark in 4 years and 11 months after being launched in 2011.

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