A Cafe Where You Can Make Or Bring Your Own Sandwich & Pay For The Time Spent

Bangalore perhaps leads the country where foodies, food tech startups and eating out are concerned. A concept café, Minute Bistro, located at Banaswadi, Bangalore and started by Enayet Ansari and Nithin Kamath understands the value of time. Here, you pay not for your order but rather time spent at the cafe – Rs.5 per minute.



And there’s another twist. You can make your own food in-house as the space is meant more as a community space, than a pure-play restuarant. They provide you the essentials (there are vegetables, fruits and a chopping board) and you get to experiment and play chef. You are even welcome to bring your own food!

“At at the minute bistro you are free to be yourself; you can work, read a book, play games, get acquainted with good people, drink and eat as much as you want — in other words, do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.”, says the website of the one month old bistro.

Enayet is tempting you not just with a 55-inch TV, but free WIFI, a Playstation, books and magazines, over 15 board games, and a green, happy atmosphere on this fourth floor terrace café. Like home, whoever gets to the TV first, gets the remote. The idea, says Enayet, is to slow down for a minute and celebrate the little joys in life, and create a “bubble” for all to enjoy these simple pleasures.

This unique concept is already being talked about in Bangalore and according to the owners that precisely is what their aim was. “I am not spending any money on advertising and marketing. This is a unique concept and will automatically garner publicity. It gets people talking”, says Ansari.

“I’m a really slow eater, so looks like I’m gonna have to shell out a lot to eat!”, laughs Priyanka, on being asked what she thought of the concept. By the same logic, the concept is going to work great for those who can down their food in seconds.

Not too long ago, Zodiac at the Taj Mahal hotel had also introduced the pay-as-you-like concept, which was a prestige issue for the five star diners. According to an F&B expert, “It’s pure marketing. Zodiac at The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai) made a killing when it offered ‘pay as you like’. China Garden, Mumbai had surprised their diners, by picking up the tab, as celebrations for their first anniversary. On another such anniversary, the famous Chinese food outlet distributed cakes at every table. Food experts are of the opinion that these disruptive and novel ideas have replaced standup comedians and musicians as differentiators.

With innovative concepts like these, Bangalore seemingly is at the heart of disruption, with its 5000+ odd startups, solving one unique problem at a time.