The Stunning New Pictures From Telangana Government’s Entrepreneurship Hub

The Telengana government had launched India’s largest entrepreneur hub – T-Hub in August of this year.  The inauguration had taken place among much fanfare, with Ratan Tata being the chief guest and grand promises being made. But given the usual pace of government projects in India, expectations had been muted. But the Telangana government has delivered, and how.

t hub 1

The construction of the T-Hub is complete. Forget the drab grey walls and the peeling paint that one associates with government offices, the T-Hub is swanky, new-age, and could put many swish startup offices to shame. 

t hub

t hub 6

The office combines old world charm with some brickwork and a logo that’s made of burnished metal, with some modern cabins and arty graffiti.

t hub 2

As is common with lots of startup digs, there are lots of collaborative spaces with informal seating arrangements.

t hub 3



t hub 4


The working areas are bright and comfortable with low hanging lamps and stylized seating.

t hub 5

t hub 7


And the office retains an Indian feel with some quotes designed to inspire the entrepreneurs who shall be working there.

t hub 9