These Are The Top Healthcare Startups In The World

Healthcare start-ups are trending right now and they will keep thriving no matter what. At a time like this when our general health is facing constant threat from climate change and sedentary lifestyle, these start-ups are offering innovative products designed to change the healthcare industry for better. Some are working towards finding alternative medicines and therapies for chronic diseases, while others are focusing on simplifying matters of health insurance and helping individuals to keep track on their health goals. But collectively they are working towards for the benefit of everyone. Right below are the top healthcare start-ups in the world.

Intarcia Therapeutics


Valuation – $5.5 billion

top healthcare start-ups

Based in California, Intercia is an American pharmaceutical company founded in 1995 under the name ‘BioMedicines’ and changed to its present name in 2004. They are developing innovative therapies for chronic diseases that require long-term medicinal treatment.


Valuation – $3 billion

This American pharmaceutical company is pioneering in the development of a new class of protein therapies based on mRNA. This novel drug platform called mRNA has the potential to produce therapeutic proteins inside human cell to treat a wide range of diseases.

Oscar Health Insurance

Valuation – $2.7 billion

top healthcare start-ups

Based in New York, Oscar is a health-insurance provider for American population. They offer unlimited telemedicine consultation, streamlined communication with doctors, nurses and care givers and doctors appointment via company app to its members.


Valuation – $1.8 billion

Founded in 2007, Zocdoc is an American start-up that offers care scheduling service, finding a doctor and booking appointment via website or app, verified doctors reviews and ratings by real patients.


Valuation – $1.65 billion

top healthcare start-ups

CureVac is a German biopharmaceutical company founded in 2000. Similar to Moderna, CureVac specializes in prophylactic and therapeutic use of mRNA. They offer RNActive – an mRNA based cancer immunotherapies and prophylactic vaccine against infectious diseases.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Valuation – $1.55 billion

Founded in 2005, Oxford Nanopore Technologies develops technologies for molecular detection and analysis in the United Kingdom. They specialize in nanopore-based electronic systems for analysis of single molecules, inclyding DNA, RNA and proteins.


Valuation – $1.5 billion

top healthcare start-ups

GuaHao is a leading online medical service provider in China. Its services are available through online portal and mobile app. They offer medical guidance and health consultations.

Flatiron Health

Valuation – $1.2 billion

Based in America, Flatiron is one of the top healthcare start-ups in the world working towards the goal of fighting cancer with big-data. They are building a oncology focused software platform called OncologyCloud to connect every cancer care hospitals across the world on a common technology platform to address the key healthcare challenges.

Human Longevity

Valuation – $1.2 billion

top healthcare start-ups

As the name suggests, this American genomics and cell therapy start-up is working on extending healthy and high performance human lifespan. Oh, well!

Proteus Digital Health

Valuation – $1.1 billion

Based in America, Proteus offers digital medicine services to measure effectiveness of medicines and thereby helping physicians to improve treatments and patients reach their health goals.