These Are The Top Start-ups In South Africa

At a time when countries around the globe are focusing to promote a healthy start-up ecosystem to sustain economic growth, South Africa has also joined the bandwagon. South African entrepreneurial landscape is fast changing with increasing investments, government support and innovation in science and technology. Here we have listed the top start-ups in South Africa that we’d need to watch in 2017.

Promasidor HoldingsTop Start-ups In South Africa

With $1.58 valuation, Promasidor Holdings secured its entry to the Unicorn club of start-ups. They are a supplier of healthy, nutritional and affordable food products in more than 30 African countries. They also manufacture and sells dairy products, beverages and non-dairy creamer.

Takealot Online

Based in Cape Town, Takealot Online is a prominent E-commerce start-up and one of the top start-ups in South Africa. Their online shopping portal sells electronics products, music, books, lifestyle items, clothes, baby products etc. The company is considered to be one of the future Unicorns.

Hashtag South Africatop start-ups in south africa

Hashtag South Africa is a digital marketing agency focused on social media, cloud computing and fibre optics. They use the platforms to promote South African business and provide Social Media Marketing solutions to the local companies in lieu of traditional modes.


Tuluntulu is a mobile content platform available on Google Play and iOS app store. They offer African focused content from 17 live streaming TV channels and 10 radio channels 24/7 that is available for free on low bandwidth connections.

Jobcrawlertop start-ups in south africa

As the name suggests, Jobcrawler is a prominent South African job portal. They have hundreds of jobs listed by positions, locations and companies.


Considering the high crime rate in the country, Spottm was launched to empower people to stay connected with each other socially and report any crime instantly by using this real-time crime reporting app.

top start-ups in south africa

Hippo is a leading comparison website for financial products such as life and car insurance, medical aid, personal loans etc. It enables the South African users to choose the best deal with most value for money.

Edge Campus (Qurio)

Education is still one of the most vital concerns in South Africa. Qurio offers low cost and high quality education solutions through which users can create quizzes, tests and surveys that can be completed on mobile or computer. It enables South African teachers to have access to resources to create educational quizzes and students can stay interactive at the same time.

Gust Paytop start-ups in south africa

Gust Pay is an app that facilitates mobile payments with real-time spending log and account balance for users.

Smart Toy Club

The Smart Toy Club is an online monthly toy rental subscription agency for kids between the ages of 6 months to 5 years. They offer age appropriate smart toys for kids for learning while playing and can be used on rent for one month. After a month the bag of toy can be replaced for a fresh one.