Twitter User Downloads FB And Google Data To Find Out Exactly How Much They Know About You

People have always had the sneaking suspicion that large companies know more about them than they expect, but a Twitter user had laid bare exactly how much they really know.

Twitter user Dylan Curran set out to find exactly how much Facebook and Google admit they know about their users. He downloaded the databases that the two companies have on every user — both Google and Facebook let users download the data they have collected from them for the duration that their accounts have been in existence. His Facebook files came to 600 MB, while his Google database was an extraordinary 5.5 GB. Curran then detailed his findings in a tweet storm that’s been re-shared 66,000 times. And for good reason — Google and Facebook know about every little detail of your life, whether offline or online.

Facebook’s data, while not as large, was about as disconcerting. 

Dylan then dug deep into what Google’s data on his actually contained.


On Twitter, Curran’s thread is currently going viral, and even people working in technology appear to be shocked over how much data users give over to these big companies. Google and Facebook have changed our lives forever by connecting us to our friends, making us more productive, and putting all the world’s information at our fingertips . But the trade-off hasn’t been free — in return for all the convenience, we’ve handed over every tiny details of our lives for them to monetize and utilize as they see fit. And as people seem to be finding out, it might’ve just been a Faustian bargain.