Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Appears To Be Dating A Mexican Model

Much has changed at Zomato over the years, and much seems to have changed in founder Deepinder Goyal’s life as well.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal appears to be dating a Mexican model named Grecia Munoz. Goyal seemed to make the relationship official on his Instagram page, sharing a picture of the two together. Grecia Munoz had shared a story tagging him with a heart emoji, and Goyal reshared the story with two hearts of his own.

Sources told OfficeChai that Deepinder Goyal has been seeing Gracia Munoz for a while. He has also been separated from his wife for some time.

Deepinder Goyal had been earlier married to Kanchan Joshi, who he’d met at the age of 18. He had met Kanchan Joshi at IIT Delhi, where he was student and Joshi was pursuing her PhD in Mathematics. He had said that he had chased Joshi for 6 months and was head over heels in love with her. Deepinder had said that while his parents weren’t happy with him quitting his cushy job at Bain and Company to start Zomato, Joshi had constantly supported him, even though she wasn’t a fan of the startup lifestyle. As Goyal’s career graph had soared over the years, Joshi, who was a mathematics professor at Delhi University, had consistently stayed away from the limelight.

Goyal now appears to be dating Mexican model Grecia Munoz. Munoz’s Instagram page says that she is originally from Mexico, but has moved to India. In her posts, she calls Delhi her “new home”. Her profile also says that she was a winner at the Metropolitan Fashion Week in 2022.