Zomato Invites Employees’ Mothers To Office In Mothers Days Surprise

Zomato had given customers a chance to surprise their mothers with a free customized video wish from a celebrity on Mothers Day, and it turns out it had a surprise for employees as well.

Zomato surprised employees by inviting their mothers to its office on Mothers Day. Even though Mothers Day fell on a Sunday this year, many employees were working from the Zomato office to help manage the heightened demand. “Mother’s Day, for the first time ever, is turning out to be a (much) higher volume day than New Year’s Eve,” Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal had posted on X. “Full service room scenes at the office today. Fingers crossed, that we are able to serve everyone treating their moms today,” he added.

But Zomato had a surprise up its sleeve for the employees who’d worked hard on a Sunday to make sure cakes and meals reached their users’ mothers. As the day was winding to a close, Zomato surprised employees by having their mothers show up at the office.

Pictures shared by Deepinder Goyal showed employees and their mothers gathered in a meeting room and cutting a cake.

Zomato had also created a wall which showed pictures of employees along with their mothers.

There were snacks and activities for the mothers.

CEO Deepinder Goyal also met the mothers and families of employees.

The event, appropriately enough, was dubbed Zo’ma’to day by the company.

It’s a pretty interesting initiative. The event not only gives a families a glimpse into what Zomato’s offices are like, but it’s also a good bonding experience — employees anyway meet each other every day, but meeting each others’ mothers will also likely deepen relationships between colleagues and teams. Also having family members see the office likely creates more buy-in from families when employees are expected to work long hours and on weekends. Also, bringing smiles to their mothers faces is something most employees would cherish. And given how such an event is relatively easy to pull off, it’s quite likely that the idea could become commonplace in India’s startup ecosystem in the years to come.