There Is Now A Beauty Contest For AI-Generated Women

There have been plenty of predictions about how an AI might impact our lives in the future, but it things are already getting stranger than most expected.

A beauty contest for AI-generated women has been announced. Named “Miss AI”, the contest will pit AI-generated women against each other. The contestants will be judged on their beauty, tech and social clout. The winner’s creator will receive a prize worth $13,000 (Rs. 10 lakh).

The Miss AI beauty contest will pit AI-generated models against each other

“The World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) is a first-of-its-kind global programme of awards dedicated to recognising the achievements of AI creators around the world,” the contest’s website says. “Its launch comes almost 200 years after the very first beauty pageant took place and will celebrate the technical skill and work behind digital influencer personas from across the world,” it adds.

Anyone above the age of 18 can enter the Miss AI competition. Their AI contestant can be made through any AI tool including Midjourney, DeepAI or the contestant’s own Artificial Intelligence tool. Miss AI stipulates that each ‘contestant’ needs to be 100% AI generated.

Interestingly, two of the judges on the 4 member jury for the competition are also AI creators themselves. “Contestants will be judged on some of the classic aspects of pageantry including their beauty, poise, and their unique answers to a series of questions like “if you could have one dream to make the world a better place what would it be?”” Miss AI’s rules say. “Contestants will earn points for their skill and implementation of AI tools used to create their digital masterpieces including use of Prompts and their output, and visual detailing around hands, eyes, and backgrounds. AI Creators social clout will be assessed based on their engagement numbers with fans, rate of growth of audience and how utilisation of other platforms such as Instagram,” it adds.

While a beauty competition for AI models might appear strange, there have been other advances in the AI space that are just as odd. There are several companies now offering the services of an “AI girlfriend”, which is a digital avatar that chats with you on the phone. Advances in image generation programs have meant that people can generate realistic looking women in any manner of clothing and settings, so an AI generated beauty pageant was probably coming. It had been speculated that AI would take away lots of white-collar jobs like coding and accounts, but it appears that even very physical jobs — like those of a fashion models — aren’t safe.