Bengaluru Employees Frustrated By Work Pressure Get Senior Beaten Up By Goons

There’s no shortage of management books and self help videos on how to motivate and inspire your team, but none of them would’ve prepared someone for an eventuality like this.

5 employees with a private firm in Bengaluru have been arrested after they allegedly paid goons to beat up a senior colleague from work. The employees thought that the colleague was making unreasonable demands at work, and hired goons to have him beaten up. The visuals of the beating had earlier gone viral on social media, which prompted a police investigation.

A few days ago, a video had gone viral which showed several men thrashing a man on the streets of Bengaluru. The man was lying on the ground, and was being hit by a group of men. It now turns out that these were hired goons, and had been sent to beat the hapless individual up by his work colleagues.

The accused, Umashankar, Vinesh, Sandeep and two others worked at Heritage Milk Product company. Their superior, Suresh, was an auditor, and had been pressuring them to expedite their work processes, particularly in clearing daily transactions, a task which typically required a few days to complete. He had also pulled them up before the heads of the company. Incensed, the accused decided to hire goons to teach Suresh a lesson. The goons accosted him near Kalyan Nagar at Outer Ring Road on 31st March. After the video of the assault went viral, officers from the Hennur Police Station arrested Umashankar, Vinesh, Sandeep and two others.