23 Of The Most Bizarre Products That You Can Buy Online In India

From freshly produced cowdung to itch scratchers to midwife training silicon figures, when it comes to shopping online, we are spoilt for choice! Have a look at some of the weirdest products you can buy and get home delivered in India. While Flipkart and Snapdeal have their share of bizarre, Amazon wins hands down for housing the most WTF products you can think or not think of.

Here’s a list of the 23 most bizarre products you can buy. (But why?)

1. Cow urine

Buy Cow urine India
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Cows are scared in India. Scared enough to drink their urine. Consumed by an earlier prime minister and administered by Baba Ramdev of the Yoga and Patanjali fame, while this product is not likely to be seen at your nearest refresh fridge anytime soon, Amazon has you covered.

2. Freshly procured cowdung

Buy fresh cow dung online India
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And not just their urine, but even their solid excretions are considered hygienic enough to use in the households. Dried cowdungs is routinely used as cakes to build houses and make cooking fuel from. While the village folks get abundant and fresh supply of this cow product, urban dwellers don’t have to fret.


3.  This fake hand

Manicure training fake hand model
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Touted as a “Nail art Training” hand, Snapdeal has this product George Costanza would be proud of. Also, an extra hand never hurt anyone. Only if Jaime Lannister could get to it sooner.


4.  Fake dog poop

Buy prank items
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For all the times you wished you had a dog and couldn’t have one. Now experience having onec, complete with a realistic dog poop.

5. Dog backpack

dog carrier backpack
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But if you do have a dog that does produce real poop, where do you keep it to prevent it from dropping it all over the ground? In a backpack of course!  Comes with a helpful little window so that everyone can see how miserable the little fella is in there

6. Fake cake

Fake cake India
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For when you want to troll your friend on their birthday. (Not recommended) or show off your awesome baking skills that you do not possess.

7. Fake Vomit

fake vomit
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Also compliments the dog poop, in case you want to make it more realistic. Also, for all those times, you really wanted to get out of a party or simply fake a pregnancy.

8. Muscular Chest

Fake muscles chest
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Not everyone can have a 56″ inch chest or 6 pec abs. But everyone can buy this.

9. Grass slippers

Fake grass slippers
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How you always wished you lived in a sprawling bungalow with a big lawn. While that’s not happening in your shoebox apartment, here’s a helpful product that would literally bring the earth to your feet.

10.  Marijuana leaf  ‘Art’

Marijuana art
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Talking of grass, while buying contraband online may still be a nono, you can still have the good ol’ pot albeit as a showpiece. Can be used in emergency situations.

11. Itch scratcher

Itch back scratcher
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Annoyed by the itch that just won’t ditch? Help is at “hand” in the form of this handy scratcher that can soothe tough to reach parts and put you out of your misery.

12. Zombie attack survival kit

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.11.09 am

Who’s to say that Zombies don’t exist? But it helps to stay prepared. I see your whitewalkers, I raise you this Zombie survival kit.

13.  A coffin

buy wooden coffin india
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Zombie attacks or not, it helps to be prepared for the ultimate. However, the makers of this real coffin guarantee a 2-4 weeks time, god forbid if you need it urgently.  We are scared to know the “customer ratings” on this one.

14. Fake butt

fake butt
get it here

A lifesaver for those times when you really have to moon people, but are too shy to. 

15.  Dollar print toilet paper

Dollar printed toilet paper
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You know how you always wondered what it would be like to be as rich so as to treat money as toilet paper? Imagine no more. Because if not real dollar notes, you can have this fake dollar printed toilet roll to know the feeling.

16. Urine aiming sticker

Toilet decal sticker
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While we are in the loo, how about a helpful little sticker that will never let you miss your aim.


17.  Baby shower shield hat

Baby shower bathing hair shield cap
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This product crosses over from plain bizarre to brilliant ever so slightly. When all you want is give you baby a nice body bath without getting the hair wet, that.

18. Banana ‘Protector’

Banana protector case
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Protect the banana from what, Zombie apocalypse? Attack of the apes? Whatever your concerns around the humble fruit may be. here’s a caring protector.

19. BJP Gamcha

BJP printed scarf
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Because not every Bhakt merchandize is available on ‘janpath’.

20. Kejriwal mousepad

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.11.51 am

This is no Aam mousepad.

21. Fart odour neutraliser

Fart smell neutraliser
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For when you have an unbearable flatulence problem that just won’t leave you or the others alone. Come on, you know you know someone this would make a great gift for.

22.  Ganga Jal

Buy pure ganga jal water
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Ganja jal in a jerry can like Kumbh Mela coming right to your doorstep!  While the clean ganga project may still be under way, the devout followers of the holy river living away from it still can douse all their sins in the “Holy waters”.

23.  Baby delivery training model

Midwifery training model
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Now this one is a product that truly and literally delivers!