BMW CEO Faints On Stage During Presentation

It’s every public speaker’s nightmare come true. While speaking at a Frankfurt event with thousands of media personnel and auto fans in attendance, BMW CEO Harald Kruger was overcome by a dizzying fit and fainted on stage.

Kruger was five minutes into his presentation when he appeared to slur some words and stagger unsteadily backwards. He tried to regain his balance but ended up falling backwards on the floor. 

He appeared dazed and confused as several BMW representatives rushed in to help. He was helped to his feet and escorted off stage. As the crowd was stunned into silence, a BMW staffer took the microphone and asked people to stop filming.

This was the 49 year old’s first major press conference as CEO. He had taken over the reins of the company in May this year. Kruger had reportedly been unwell before taking the stage for the event.

Kruger appears to have sustained no major damage though; BMW said his health is “stable and he is recovering well.”