How This Mom Made The Internet’s Day With Her 2 Minute Laugh

Candice Payne is a regular 40 something year old mom to 2 kids. Except, she, as of this day is also an internet sensation who’s taken the internet storm, by just basking in a “simple joy.”

Candice wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams that a candid video of hers she shot for a lark, while sitting in her car would get over 137 million views within 2 days.

The live video shared on Facebook shows her journey of how while at Kohl’s to return a couple of birthday gifts which were “surprisingly big for her”, she ended up treating herself to a piece of a Star Wars memorabilia, which she specifies is for her, not her for kids. To humour the viewers, she puts on the Chewbacca mask and laughs. She laughs like there’s no tomorrow. She laughs without a care in the world. She laughs and laughs and laughs.  She laughs for a whole 20 seconds in the video while also mouthing how the chewbacca mask “is worth every penny!”

She describes the feeling of enjoying her Chewbacca mask as a “simple joy of life.”

After Candice’s video amassed 125+ million views, articles everywhere started doing the rounds, each going viral and she gained her own hashtag #‎chewbaccamaskLoLlady‬. The supermarket chain Kohl’s which was originally mentioned in the video, has sent a bunch of Chewbacca masks and other treats for Candice and her whole family, for an unintentional product plug that their ad campaigns could only wish to achieve.


Candice after the video has amassed millions of followers on Facebook and her new-found fans have now advised the affable woman to get into comedy and singing.

Perhaps, Candice’s reaction to the Chewbacca mask is a reminder to take a step back in our hurried lives and enjoy a pure and simple moment.