How Plans To Help Bloggers Publish Content Faster

Content is king, but content publishing platforms might just be the new kingmakers. A field that was earlier dominated by WordPress and Blogger now has a multitude of options, each trying to meet the fast-changing needs of the digital world. And it seems to be working too – the top digital media companies in the world have their own content management systems. Vox Media has their own CMS called Chorus, and BuzzFeed too has its own content management system that helps it produce content quickly and efficiently. is an Indian company that’s treading the same path. It’s developed a SaaS solution for publishers that sits on top of their CMSes and aims to provide a superior workflow layer. It claims to provide a rich and immersive experience which allows any content creator to read, make notes, search the web and incorporate all of this while writing a story in real time. has an inbuilt reader that helps in content discoverability. It allows you to choose feeds from publications in a range of categories, and helps you focus the reading and research. A note making tool allows for notes to be taken by selecting text, and these can be inserted into stories through a drag and drop. 

But what sets Creatx apart is its Editor. As soon as the blogger begins working on a story, a list of important tags from the text is automatically generated. Upon selecting these tags, numerous assets are populated on a panel to the right, through which they can  query a tag for Twitter, search images, get Wikipedia listings, etc. These assets can be dragged and dropped into the original story. The final story can then be published onto a host of platforms, including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

Creatx says that their tool helps helps cut down editing times by up to 43%. We at OfficeChai gave it a spin, and it indeed is easy and convenient to use. The UI is modern and colourful, and a nice change from the usually drab WordPress dashboard.

While Creatx isn’t the only Indian company doing this (Quintype also produces its own CMS that is used on sites like The Quint), given the explosion in content production, they have a huge market that they can capitalize on.