Every Day is a Friday At Infosys Now

Breaking away from a rule that Infosys has held since its inception, the tech giant today announced that it was doing away with the formal dressing code at work.

This means a sigh of relief for its 150k+ Indian employees, many of them in their early 20s, who hitherto were required to comply by a strict formal dress code – formals with a tie on Mondays and Tuesdays, business formals with an optional tie on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and business casuals on Fridays.

This welcome change comes close on the heels of another announcement recently when the young CEO Vikas Sikka also did away with the necktie rule at the company. Sikka himself seems to favour T-shirts and jeans over the more typical CEO garb of formal suits.

This move could well be an attempt by Infosys to shed its staid, boring image and catch up with the booming startup culture in India. It’s not uncommon to see companies right from Google to smaller startups allowing employees a sartorial flexibility where it’s okay to show up in shorts.

The news was shared enthusiastically by the employees on all social media. Some brands even took this news as an opportunity to promote their clothing lines, and seemed to be relishing their newly-found user base.

Here’s an Infosys employee marking the end of an era. (Not)





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