This Was Facebook’s First Media Pitch In 2004

Times, how they change. Facebook is now among the biggest tech companies in the world, and has advertisers queuing up to spend money on their site. But there was a time when it was a young startup trying to get some ad money. And they did what every startup does – come up with a pitch deck as unearthed by Digiday.




This pitch deck is from the time when Facebook was still called TheFacebook, and a 20 year old Eduardo Saverin was sending it around to companies in the hopes of getting them to advertise.



At this point, TheFacebook was limited to college campuses around the US. The deck even mentions their scheduled dates of launch in several colleges.



But even then, its growth numbers were off the charts. Within a year of launch, it had 70,000 users and an astonishing 90 million pageviews a month. 



And while Facebook does sophisticated interest-based ad targeting now, things were simpler back in the day. The deck very quaintly mentions the ad banner sizes available for advertisers.


And to top it all off, the deck ends with a smiling photo of Eduardo Saverin, who was then the CFO of Facebook. Things sure have come a long way since then. 

If they ever build a museum for the world’s greatest companies, this few slides would find their pride of place.