Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Are Currently All Not Working In India

Facebook’s three biggest social networks — Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all currently down in what appears to be a major outage.

Starting at 8:23 pm IST, Facebook users reported seeing a “Sorry, something went wrong.” message when they tried to log onto the social network.

facebook down


On Instagram, users are simply seeing 5xx Server error.

instagram down

WhatsApp is currently not available either.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been down before, but this is the first time that all three services are simultaneously down in India. We’ll update this article if we have more information.

Update 8:40 pm: All three services are still down.

Update: 8:42 pm:¬†Facebook only appears to be down in India. It’s accessible for users in other parts. As per Downforeveryoneorjustme, Facebook’s status is “Up,” showing it’s available for most users. Instagram also appears to be up for most people. It’s likely that the outage is confined to India.

Update 8:44 pm: Instagram is now accessible in India, and is no longer showing the error message.

Update 8:46 pm: Facebook and WhatsApp are still inaccessible to most users

Update 8:51 pm: Facebook and WhatsApp are still inaccessible to most users. At more than 20 minutes long, this is the longest Facebook outage in recent memory.

Update 8:52 pm: Facebook appears to be back. Our colleagues at OfficeChai are able to access their Facebook accounts.

Update 9:00 pm: WhatsApp now also appears to be working for most users.