Facebook Messenger Is Currently Down For Millions Of Users Across The World

Facebook’s messaging products aren’t having the best end to the year.

After WhatsApp suffered a large outage last week, Facebook Messenger currently appears to be down for millions of users across the world. On desktop, affected users are seeing a simple “Chat is currently unavailable” on the Messenger widget, while messages are not going through on the mobile app.

Facebook’s messenger is among the handful of global products that boasts of over a billion users, so the responses on other parts of the internet has been immediate. Reactions have ranged from anger to full-blown panic.

Users have been unable to even load their message history, whether on desktop or app.

In India, OfficeChai can confirm that the service now has been down for over 30 minutes. Others have reported that the outage is even longer.


The jokes, though, have begun, as people anxiously wait for one of the world’s most popular messaging services to be up and running again.