Internet Wants To Reward ‘Laziest Guy’ Who Used Flipkart As ATM

India is an undisputed land of jugaad. And yet another incident proves it.

After we reported the curious case of the person who (mis)used Quikr’s free doorstep delivery and Paytm’s cashback sop to get a bed transferred between two places, we have here a close contender.


Amongst the laziest things people have done to get stuff done (Or basically Jugaad-ed), this engineering student at a hostel decided to use Flipkart as an ATM. Too lazy to go to the bank to deposit cash, genius struck when our man thought of this brilliant hack. He ordered goods to the tune of the amount he needed the cash for, and chose to employ the Cash On Delivery method. The very next day, he filed for a product return and got his money refunded into his bank the very next day. Voila! Cash in your bank, without moving a finger. (Well, other than using the mouse to make the purchase.).

Below is the account from the horse’s mouth.

A Little Background:
I did this act of laziness and craziness in my college days. I was in final year of my engineering and final semester. This period should be declared as Lazy Period of Life.I had INR 3000 cash with me and I had to deposit them in my account. The bank was far from the hostel and opposite direction of Canteen/Market. I procrastinated for 2–3 days and did not go to the bank. Finally, I found this Idea.
Act Of Laziness:
I searched on Flipkart a product from clothing/footwear worth 3000. I found shoes worth 3099 and I ordered them to my hostel room on COD. Now the product came to me in the morning and I filed its return just after receiving and Flipkart accepted the return. The delivery boy came in the evening and collected the product. The refund in case of COD is processed by NEFT and Flipkart asks the detail of Bank account number, IFSC etc. I entered my bank account details while processing the return. I got my refund next day by NEFT in my bank account.Bingo! Cash deposited in the bank account without going there.

Now, years after the deed was committed by the miscreant, Flipkart has got wind of the incident, and decided to take it in its stride. And only as Flipkart can, decided to turn the whole incident into an engagement activity.

Flipkart recently ran a poll on what should be done with the “Lazy guy.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.54.30 pm

An astounding 61% of the audience feels that the guy should be rewarded for doing the biggest Jugaad of 2016, while only a tiny minority wants him to be blacklisted.

The rogue shopper may have caused Flipkart a good amount in loss in revenue, but here’s Flipkart showing it can have a sense of humour and how.

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