Here Are India’s Highest And Lowest Salaries

To say India is a land of contrasts is an understatement.

Income disparity while common across the globe, and being incumbent upon one’s background, educational and otherwise is prevalent in India. 

We digged deep and compiled a list of some of the highest paid executives in India, and some of the lowest ones. The disparity between the highest and lowest incomes in India is staggering.

Note: All the incomes are annual. The lower salaries are estimates.



Kalanithi Maran, media tycoon and chairman of the Sun TV network is reportedly one of the highest paid executives in India, and along with his wife make the highest paid couple in India. In 2013-14, the couple’s remuneration was Rs 59.89 crore (Rs 598.9 million) each, including salary and perquisites and other allowances. According to Forbes magazine, the 49 year old Kalanithi Maran’s net worth is around $2.3 billion as of today and is ranked as 23rd richest person in India. 

An average electrician in India gets on average Rs. 10,000-15,000 a month.



Kaveri Kalanithi of Sun TV Group retains her position of the highest paid businesswoman in India, although her pay package declined to Rs. 57 crore in 2012, according to Fortune magazine. 

A manual rag picker in India, usually gets a wage of Rs.50-75 per day




Pawan Munjal, took home a paycheque of Rs. 37 crores last year, making him one of the highest paid executives in India. Along with Hero group founder and father Brij Mohan Lall and brother Krishna Kant, the Munjal family takes home an average of Rs.30 crores each.




The Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power (JSPL) had in the previous fiscal taken Rs54.98 crore as remuneration that included Rs 12.10 crore crore salary, 0.4 crore perquisites and Rs 42.88 crore as shares in company’s profit.Jul 14, 2014

Municipality workers are reportedly paid around Rs.4500 per month.





Founder and chairman of the pharma company Lupin Labs, Desh Bandhu Gupta took home an annual remuneration fo Rs.31 crores in FY13-14 making him one of the highest paid chairmans in the country.

Construction workers are usually migrant workers who camp at a construction site during the contruction, and are paid Rs.90-150 per day of work, making them one of the poorly paid and sometimes exploited workforces in the country.




Recently appointed CEO of the Indian tech giant Infosys, Vikas Sikka, takes home a cool remuneration of Rs. 30 crores annually making him the highest paid tech CEO in India.

The housemaid or the “bai” in India is paid anywhere between Rs. 1000-5000 per month, per household.



The chairman and scion of the multibillion conglomorate Aditya Birla group takes home an annual income of about Rs. 28 crores. 

A peon or an office boy salary ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 12000 per month. 





CEO of India’s largest software services exporter, TCS- Natarajan Chandrashekhar recently got a 70% hike on his base pay and the CEO is expected to take home around Rs.25 crores in the FY14-15.

A fast diminishing job, the common postman with the Indian Postal services receives a pay of around Rs. 8000-1000o per month.

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