Here’s How India is Watching the World Cup From Office

Excel fields are running empty. Code reviews are getting ignored. Office bays seem strangely deserted. And bosses don’t seem to be minding for once. Working from home is not an option, it’s world cup season, and India is putting aside trivialities like deadlines and revenue targets to get a dose of its favourite pass time. Here’s how.


The most popular place for catching the cricket seems to be the cafeterias. Crowds are clustered around the screens that have been set up, and nobody’s eating very much, save for their fingernails.

Capgemini, Mumbai. (From @CapgeminiIndia)
Capgemini, Mumbai. (From @CapgeminiIndia)




( from @SomeBirdie)



(From: @shenoyhganesh)
(From: @shenoyhganesh)


Flipkart, Bangalore (@flipkart)
Flipkart, Bangalore (@flipkart)



Or people have been watching in their office bays. At least they can pretend to be working.


Or not.

makemyrip                                                                               MakeMyTrip office (from makemytrip)




Ogilvy, Mumbai (From: @aartimadan)
Ogilvy, Mumbai (From: @aartimadan)


Capgemini                                                                     IndiaNic, Ahmedabad (From @AmitHPanchal )


Even the ladies are hooked.

(From: archanahr)
(From: @archnahr)


While some not so much

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.02.26 pm

(Via @SritikaDhar)


Why should boys have all the fun?


                                                                                         Colour Craft Vision (from @stunningmoon )



The more enterprising have been watching the matches in the privacy of their conference rooms.

(From: @kishothm)
(From: @kishothm)



(From: @juzinquisitive)
(From: @juzinquisitive)


(From: @shreyas_ms)
(From: @shreyas_ms)

Or all out there!


Bangalore (from ShylajaVarma)



Even the Silicon valley was not spared of the world cup madness. Twitter went full Meta tweeting about the match from its Silicon Valley office!


                                                                                               Twitter, SF (from @anerishah99)


The techies can finally take a break.


microsoft bangalore

                                                                        Microsoft, Bangalore (From @saalur)


This office looks set!

               some office                                                                                                   (From @joesphradhik)


Offices are uniting in cricket solidarity



Quadron Park, Pune (from @invokeanand)


Never miss a chance to strike a pose.


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.23.50 am

 Sports Interactive, Mumbai (from @CrickPjs)


If your company is nice enough, you can watch the matches in style



Cyber Hub, Gurgaon (From: gauravvarmani)
Cyber Hub, Gurgaon (From: @gauravvarmani)

Then there are some offices that have gone as far to create an atmosphere


Leo Burnett, Bombay

                                                                                        Leo Burnett, Delhi (from @IYatinGupta)


Nationalism rises high. Standing up during the national anthem

One india office

                                                                                 One India Office, Bangalore (from @oneindia) 


However if your company isn’t as cool as these, there’s always Indian jugaad to the rescue.


(From: @brainshift)
(From: @brainshift)


And sometimes business is so important that cricket comes “below” it.


trading and watching offoce

                                                                                                                       From @itsmyrule

This lingerie company has its priority right 😉

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.57.30 pm

Zivame, Bangalore. (Via @rabiAgarwal)



Our culture is cricket culture.


India match godrej

Godrej, India (from @IndiaCultureLab

And celebration is our birthright.



                                                    MyGola Bangalore (from @snehavachhaney

All in a day’s work

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.52.12 pm

                                                                                       UC Browsers, (Via @UCBrowserIndia)

How are you going to watch the India Australia semi final at work? Let us know in the comments below!


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