After 77 Years, HP Has A Cool New Logo And Everyone’s Loving It

In a glitzy world of Macbooks and Iphones, the golden oldies of the tech world have had to gracefully take a backseat. But then, when you have been in the space for longer than everyone else, but you can’t beat them on the ‘cool’, you get out there, and do cool.

HP, or Hewlett Packard, the Palo Alto based 77 year old computer and hardware giant, has just launched the “thinnest laptop” yet in the Spectre 13″, and it’s done it in style. Apart from a jazzy video and other new-age marketing paraphernalia, HP has used this opportunity to unveil a new logo.

HP old and new logo

It’s the first time in its 77 year old legacy that the company has gone with such a drastic change in its logo. The logo itself is a story by itself. 

The logo was originally designed by Moving Brands, an agency, as a part of a branding overhaul 5 years ago. Back then, the logo was rejected, the agency reports in a detailed blogpost on the branding process. But now, 5 years later, HP is ready to embrace its edgier, cooler, brand identity.

The new logo has just four minimalist slashes, cleverly making up the “HP” wordmark. 

However, the logo will not replace HP’s existing logo altogether, but will be used solely on its premium laptops.

Much unlike the other famous logo change of this year, the Uber Logo, HP’s new logo is meeting with nods of approval across the board and is being lauded for its cool, edgy look.