Practo’s Data On Indian Healthcare Reveals Interesting Insights

Practo has become one of the stars of the Indian startup ecosystem. Founded in 2012, the company has managed to raise $124 million, expanded to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, and become India’s most popular healthcare app.

Being present in 35 Indian cities and with millions of people using its platform, Practo now has a wealth of data pertaining to healthcare in India. The company analyzed 75 million searches and 40 million physician appointments to come up with a picture of what Indian healthcare looks like.

Based on its data, Practo claims that

  1. Lifestyle diseases are rising and rising fast – and not just in top cities but across the board in tier 2 and tier 3 towns as well.
  2. There is growing number of Dermatology and ENT visits as well – perhaps signalling the growing air pollution we’re witnessing in India.
  3. Gastric problems and Cardiac issues are amongst the fastest growing health concerns in India.

The lifestyle diseases issue is not surprising – Practo user base consists mainly of upwardly mobile Indians, and it’s understandable that lifestyle diseases feature highly in this segment. The data also captures India’s chronic problems with heart disease, with a large fraction of its user base visiting and searching for cardiologists.

Here are the entire findings.