Indian Startups And Companies Have Come Forward To Offer Jobs To Displaced Jet Airways Employees

As a giant of Indian business has faltered, newer players have stepped up to help out those affected.

After Jet Airways shut down operations on 19th April, several Indian startups and companies have come forward and offered jobs to its employees. Jet had over 20,000 people on its rolls which, with the company temporarily out of business, are effectively out of work. But several businesses have stepped up and offered to help them out.

jet airways employees jobs

“With the sad turn of events at Jet Airways, a lot of its employees must be looking at new opportunities,” tweeted former Flipkart executive and CureFit founder Ankit Nagori. “We would be happy to hire some of these candidates. Pls feel free to apply or refer anyone who might be interested on [email protected]. Pls share widely,” he added. CureFit has been aggressively expanding since it was founded in 2016, and has raised over Rs. 1000 crore in funding.

Another startup that’s offered jobs to Jet employees is bike sharing startup Bounce. “We would like to hire few folks as well. You have made us fly for all these years, hope it works as a mutual good fit for whoever is looking to work for start up growing at great velocity. Mail at [email protected],” said founder Vivekananda Hallekere.

Other companies have gone a step further — they’ve already offered jobs. SpiceJet has already hired 500 employees from its rival, including 100 pilots. The company has further said that it’s willing to recruit more, and is giving first preference to Jet Airways employees in its hiring efforts. “As we expand and grow, we are giving first preference to those who have recently lost their jobs due to the unfortunate closure of Jet Airways,” said SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh.

While it could take a while for all Jet Airways employees to find new roles — employees are currently protesting all over the country, including in New Delhi and Bangalore — it’s heartening to see how other companies have stepped up to help them out in whatever way they can. Jet Airways had had a storied journey, from being founded in 1993, to being India’s largest airplane company in terms of number of passengers in 2002, and remaining India’s largest airlines for over a decade. It’s only fitting that in its hour of distress, its employees manage a smooth landing.