Indian Artist Creates An Epic Love Story With A Social Message

Arjun Kamath is a photographer and film student based in Los Angeles, California. Arjun completed an undergraduate degree in information science engineering from BMS College of Engineering. In 2010, he earned a diploma in digital filmmaking from Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) in Bangalore. His latter degree has developed into a career in which he is best known for showcasing the lives of everyday people—most recently children in his native India—and for his iconic fashion photography. 

His latest project touches upon a theme that’s close to his heart. In an haunting series of photographs, Arjun details the story of a young couple in love. And in doing so, he holds a mirror up to society and its closeted beliefs.


story 1


story 2


story 3


story 5


story 8


story 10


story 13




story 21

story 23


story 24


story 26


story 27


story 29