Makeshift Desks, Dealing With Pets: Employees Across The World Sharing Experiences Of Working From Home

As the coronavirus spreads across the world, offices are shutting down, and millions of employees are now coming to terms with working from home. Thus far, working from home was a perk that used to reserved for a select few employees, and usually for short durations, but with companies now instructing their entire work forces to head home, many are experiencing the wfh life for the first time. And they’re taking to the internet to share their experiences.

Several people have shared how they’ve managed to hack work desks for themselves. This person put an upturned chair on a regular table to fashion a standing desk for herself.

A much more interesting option was turning a bar cabinet into a makeshift desk.

Someone else opted for a unsophisticated but effective option of a stack of books.

And someone else has placed a stool on their regular desk.

People are also realizing that while the work from home life keeps one away from many of the distractions at work, including pesky colleagues and unnecessary meetings, there are still other distractions one must contend with. Some of the distractions are particularly cute.

“Sometimes difficult to concentrate with attention-seeking, needy colleagues …. who always expect you to bring the snacks,” wrote a Twitter user.

“My new work colleague keeps farting and demanding tummy rubs. Should I report to HR” wrote another.

And kids aren’t great for productivity either.

Soon, memes and jokes began.

Some believe that working from home is increasing efficiency for workers worldwide, and others have said that the changes from this period might be irreversible — people will realize that they’re much better off working from home, and it will become a lot more commonplace in the coming years. But as the coronavirus epidemic spreads across the world, people are still coming to terms with operating out of their own houses, and, for the most part, are seeing the brighter side of the whole experience.