Narayan Murthy Gifts Infosys Shares Worth Rs. 240 Crore To 4-Month-Old Grandson

Entrepreneurship can create some eye-popping wealth not only for the entrepreneur themselves, but for several generations to come.

Infosys founder Narayan Murthy has gifted shares worth Rs. 240 crore to his 4-month-old grandson Ekagrah Rohan Murthy. Ekagrah now holds 15,00,000 Infosys shares, equivalent to a 0.04 percent stake in the company. This gift is worth nearly $30 million, and turns young Ekagrah into India’s youngest millionaire.

Ekagrah Rohan Murthy is the son of Narayan Murthy’s son Rohan Murthy with his wife Aparna Krishnan. He was born four months ago, and his name Ekagrah means ‘unwavering focus and determination’ in Sanskrit. Murthy has two other grandchildren — their daughter Akshata Murthy has two daughters with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Krishna born in 2011 and Anoushka born in 2013.

The birth of a grandson isn’t the only good tidings that have come Murthy’s family way in the recent past. Earlier this month, Murthy’s wife, Sudha Murthy, was nominated to the Upper House of the Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha, by the President of India. His son-in-law, meanwhile, is the Prime Minister of the UK. His grandson now has become India’s youngest millionaire after a Rs. 240 crore gift.

And this shows how impactful entrepreneurship can be. When Narayan Murthy had founded Infosys, he’d famously taken a Rs. 10,000 loan from his wife to start the company. A few decades later, he’s now worth nearly Rs. 35,000 crore, and is able to give multi-crore gifts to his family members. Setting up a business is never easy, but if it does succeed, it can set up your family for generations to come.