These People Snapped Sleeping On The Job Will Give You #WorkGoals

Let’s be honest. We’ve all wanted to catch a quick nap at our work once in a while. The need to curl up and catch some beauty sleep is even more intense after a heavy meal. Or in my case, everyday. However, not everyone works at a Google office which comes with bunk beds and a tranquil room for sleeping. So some people just do it as they go. And god they can really do it anywhere. Here’s some examples of people who were caught sleeping at work

1. The American Army, tall and proud caught sleeping at work

sleeping at work“Sleeping fi!”

2. The Cops, ever watchful and vigilant

sleeping at workWho will watch the watchmen?

3. China: The authoritarian police state


sleeping at work

The more things change, the more they remain the same

4. Under the table dealings?

sleeping at work

5. ..over the table dealings?

Sleeping at work

6. Hurriedly improvised chair and table dealings

sleeping at work

7. Just Chair Things

sleeping at workSorry, the table was being used for operations and stuff

8. She’s going to get more than her share of 40 winks

sleeping at work

9. And this probably isn’t in the flight safety manual

sleeping at work

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