Raghuram Rajan Was Quite The Stud During His IIM-A Years According To His Yearbook

Raghuram Rajan has one of the most academically impressive resumes one could hope for – engineering from IIT-D, an MBA from IIM-A, and a PhD from MIT. You’d think that a person with those credentials would be a bit of a swotter, sitting in his room and studying all day. But if former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan’s IIM Ahmedabad yearbook is any indication, Rajan was anything but a nerd in college.

Apart from rocking a mean moustache, Rajan was quite popular¬†at IIM Ahmedabad. His college yearbook calls him “the best allrounder the batch has.” He was heavily into sports, with the yearbook saying that if he wrote a book called “Games I don’t play”, it would be rather small. The dedication also suggests that Rajan thought highly¬†of his singing abilities. The yearbook goes on to tantalizingly talk about some “amorous activities”, which is not unsurprising – he met his future wife Radhika Puri while they were batchmates at IIM.

Stellar resume, youngest Chief Economist at the IMF, RBI Governor, and got up to amorous activities in B-School? Is there anything this man can’t do?