Rahul Gandhi Says He’ll Deliver Speech On Artificial Intelligence In Silicon Valley, Gets Trolled

Artificial Intelligence has been a fringe area of research for decades, but you know it’s become mainstream when politicians start talking about it.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today announced that he was headed to the United States where he would meet the pioneers of research on Artificial Intelligence. PTI sources said following India’s success in Software development, Gandhi wanted the country to become an AI powerhouse. Gandhi apparently wanted to bring back knowledge and implement it at the policy level in the Congress party’s vision documents. He was also going to deliver a speech on the subject while at Silicon Valley.

It sounded like a harmless enough plan, but Twitter was having none of it. Gandhi, through his long political career, hasn’t exactly made a name for himself for his intellectual prowess, and Twitter was soon mocking his scientific pursuits.

Some wondered how Elon Musk would feel about the situation, given how just yesterday he’d predicted that AI was the greatest threat facing humanity, and could lead to World War 3.

Memes featuring Musk soon started coming thick and fast.

Then people started getting really creative.

People also began talking about how robots would feel about the situation.

People began wondering how he’d prepare for his Silicon Valley speech.

And some old memes also made an appearance.


Some felt the entire episode was a misunderstanding.

And finally, some had messages for America’s scientific community.

Gandhi’s speech is scheduled for 11th September, and given the build-up, promises to be quite a spectacle.