Samsung Brutally Trolls Apple In Hilarious New Commercial

Samsung’s trolling of Apple is becoming more sophisticated — and brutal.

During NFL broadcasts last night, Samsung unleashed a fury of attacks on Apple through a 60 second commercial. The commercial beings in 2007 — when Apple had launched its first iPhone — and follows the travails of an Apple fan as he struggles with his iPhone. Unsurprisingly, a Samsung phone is always around the corner, making the user wish he had a Samsung instead.


In 2010, the Apple user takes a photo, only to realize that he’s out of memory. In 2013, he’s exchanging numbers with a girl, and looks enviously at her large Samsung phone on which she notes down his number with a stylus. In 2016, both the Apple user and his girlfriend fall into a lake — the girlfriend’s Samsung survives, but the Apple user must resignedly put his phone into a bowl of rice. In 2016, the Apple user is frustrated with the lack of a headphone jack in his iPhone 7, and must use a messy dongle and cables to connect his headphones and charger. In 2017, he’s had enough — he buys a Samsung, and texts his girlfriend saying “Guess what I just got” using its stylus.

But the coup de grace is yet to come — as he walks past an Apple store, he sees an Apple fanboy waiting in queue. And in what is the highlight of the ad, the man has a haircut that looks uncannily like the notch on the new iPhone X.

samsung notch ad memes


The internet was quick to collectively draw its breath at the burn.


Even Apple fans were impressed.

It remains to be seen how Samsung’s new phone competes with the iPhone X, but Samsung’s definitely pulled ahead in the shade stakes.