These 9 Indian Shoplifting Clips Will Make You Go “No Way!”

You’d think it’s virtually impossible to sneak a large crate of beer bottles out of a supermarket, but you’d be wrong. Shoplifting is common in India, and thieves routinely get away with goods right under the shop owners’ noses.  From the style of the theft to the swiftness of the act, these clips would have you blink twice, and wonder if that really happened. While jewelry seemed the most popular choice of goods for thievery, these cunning rogues haven’t spared laptops, saris, mobile phones, cash and even beer in their heists. Watch these amazing, if blurry, CCTV footage clips to catch the action right as it happens.


1. This sari clad technology “fiend”

Indian lady steals dell laptop
full video here

This woman gives thigh gaps a whole new meaning by stealing and stuffing a Dell laptop under her thighs and walking out like a boss.


2. This Sari filing lady

CCTV footage shoplifting saree
full video here

While some women use the veil of a Sari to tuck away their spoils, some women go for the Sari itself. (For their next?) Left alone to her devices for a moment, this woman doesn’t spare the opportunity for a quick move.  The sari quickly makes its way inside her folder.


3.  This guy that literally picks up the phone!

shoplifting in mobile store cctv footage
full video here

Proving again that when the cat’s away the mice will play and how! This stealthy man doesn’t miss a moment when the store attendant’s busy attending to other non-thieving customers and makes a go at the mobile phone, swiftly passing it on his accomplice.


4. This nimble cash thief

Shoplifting footage indian lady
full video here

This lady was least interested in the goods of the store, and went straight for the kill – the cash counter.  Maybe she should buy a bag for that!


5. This army of thieving women

women shoplifters
full video here

Spotting an opportunity just in time as the shopkeeper is kept busy by the bevy of women around, this agile lady makes a go for a cash in the drawer and quickly hides it under her shawl. The second the shopkeeper’s attention is back on her, the able accomplices distract him again.


6.  This innocuous looking jewel thief 

jewelry shoplifting cctv
full video here

You’d be hard pressed to pinpoint the exact moment this woman managed to nick a finger ring, but for the helpful red circle showcasing her sleight of hand.


7. This ambidextrous seductress

Woman_steals_jewellery_CCTV_footage (4)
full video here

Like the woman earlier, this smooth operator makes a go for the jewelry. After doing a quick looksee around, she niftily switches a brand new gold ring with her own ring and puts it back while the shopkeeper is busy writing some notes when he should be really writing an FIR. Don’t miss the man in the background doing… strange things.

8. This ambitious woman

muslim women stealing
full video here

Not happy with a puny ring or chain, this burkha-clad woman wants to have the entire jewelry tray while the attendant is kept busy by the accomplices.


9. And finally this alcoholic family!


This family of workers casually browses around at an alcohol store in the UK before the woman makes a strike. Gingerly looking around, she picks up a whole crate of alcohol and again putting her thighs to good use, tucks it away. The rest of the family serves as expert accomplices in the heist.