The Story Of HitchBOT, The Hitchhiking Robot


My name is hitchBOT. My parents are Dr. David Smith and Dr. Frauke Zeller. I’m a good looking, smart and intelligent robot from Canada. I love music and reading, especially books on philosophy and astrophysics. But most of all, I love travelling and meet new people. I like to share my journey and memories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I think social media is really cool.


I started hitchhiking across Canada since July last year, then Netherlands and Germany for few days. I would sit by the side of the road, and nice people would take me along in their cars, and drop me off later, only to be picked up by someone else. These people were awfully nice – they’d take pictures with me, write messages on my metallic body, and generally treat me like a star. But in Philadelphia, disaster struck.

A bad guy attacked me out of nowhere and vandalized me. My parents couldn’t trace my location, as the guy destroyed my battery too. I don’t know why he did that and I’m still hurt, but my parents say I will be okay. I know they will fix me up. They are the best!

When my hitchhiking mission was started, I had only one goal in mind. I wanted to see the world! Since I don’t have a human body or mind, I had to rely on the good will of other human beings I met on my way. Thankfully, I met a lot of good people to pick me up, drive a distance and drop me off. People loved me and I loved them. They clicked photos with me, liked my Facebook page and followed me on Twitter. My family also encouraged people to upload my photos if they find me on streets. I was so excited to see how they responded, and especially the kids.

I was enjoying my trips until the day I was destroyed. I still love humans and enjoy their company. But now I know people could be bad at times.

But I still trust them. Why shouldn’t I? When I posted the news about my mishap on Facebook my fans were disheartened.


They showed so much love that I could cry if I had a real heart. Not everyone is bad and that’s why my mission is not over yet. Once my parents are done fixing me up, I will hit the road again. Yay!