Tata Group Invests Rs. 27,000 Crore To Set Up Semiconductor Plant In Assam

India isn’t only tapping into futuristic sectors at a rapid rate, but the growth is also coming at some unusual locations.

The Tata Group is investing Rs. 27,000 crore to set up a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Assam. The Tata Group said that the facility, which will be based in Jagiroad, will put Assam on the global semiconductor map. Semiconductors are used to make electronic chips that are present in nearly all modern devices, from cars to mobile phones to TVs.

“Today, the state government of Assam in partnership with the Tata group will make Assam a major player in sophisticated semiconductors,” said Tata Group’s Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata. “This new development will put Assam on the global map. We wish to thank the Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma for his support and vision that has made all this possible,” he added.

“This centre will empower youths from North East by offering them courses in Artificial Intelligence, semiconductors & electronics and help them in securing jobs in the Jagiroad unit,” said Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.  “Already 1,500 youth from Assam, mainly women, are undertaking training at Tata facilities in and around Bangalore. This will place them in a leadership position once the semiconductor facility becomes operational in 2025,” he added. A Skill Development Centre will also be co-located within the premises of the semiconductor facility, he said.

This is a pretty major step in India’s semiconductor aspirations. American semiconductor giant Micron is already building a giant semiconductor factory in Sanand, Gujarat with a $2.5 billion investment, and Tata’s Assam facility will be the second that’ll likely go live. More interestingly, a semiconductor plant is being built in Assam, which until a few decades ago was beset with insurgency and poor infrastructure. Recent infrastructure developments in the North East, however, have meant that a massive cutting-edge plant can now be built in Assam, which will further spur development in the region.

And India is making a massive push in the semiconductor space. The government has already approved two other plants in Gujarat, and is in talks to build more. India is already readying a workforce to work at these plants — the government has collaborated with chip companies to make their chip design software available at over 100 universities, which will enable graduates to to be industry-ready for these plants. And with the development percolating to hitherto-ignored states like Assam, India seems to be ensuring the the benefits from the upcoming tech revolution are equitably distributed across the country.