A Website Is Running An ICO For Something Called TattiCoin, And People Are Falling For It

If there’s ethereum, ripple, bitcoin, litecoin and even dogecoin, why can’t there be TattiCoin?

In what might be a sign that we’ve reached peak cryptocurrency mania, a website has begun selling tokens for something called TattiCoin. TattiCoin says its mission is to empower everyone around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life. “TATTI currency makes it possible to engage in direct dumpings quickly, efficiently and privately,” it says. Tatti, of course, is Hindi for sh*t.


And just as TattiCoin claims to make “direct dumpings” efficient, its website is chock-full of some toilet humour. TattiCoin’s site looks pretty much like the ICO sites that are so much in vogue these days, but there are hints that it might not quite be what it seems. Instead of a whitepaper that details the technical specifications of a new cryptocurrency, TattiCoin’s site has a brownpaper. Its promotional video has an empowering message of hope and change, but the text is definitely trying to tell a different story. “You are trying to find a motion — uncertain, aimless, uncontrollable,” it says as inspirational music plays in the background. “The pressure is building to remain anonymous and relaxed,” it continues. “Then you find TATTICoin,” it finishes with a flourish.

If one digs deep enough through its website, it’s not hard to tell that TattiCoin is a joke. “All the content is basically copy pasted & half heartedly edited from here & there. You’re going to be giving your money away to someone random on the internet and getting TATTI tokens with no value in return,” it says in the FAQ, and the bottom of the site says “© 2018 TATTI – All rights reserved, including not giving your money back.” But incredibly, there seems to be some interest around the newest cryptocurrency on the block. The posts on its Facebook page have hundreds of shares. On Twitter, hapless foreigners who don’t know what tatti means have been chiming in about how much potential the project holds.

There is also some action around the project’s hashtag, #OwnYourTatti

It might seem like a juvenile attempt at humour, but TattiCoin not only parodies the current craze around dubious ICOs, but also shows how easy it is to create a buzz about a coin that’s literally shit. TattiCoin has clearly spent some money on marketing, and has managed to get hundreds of shares on Facebook, and comments that have built up excitement on Twitter. And the way things are, it’s not inconceivable that TattiCoin amounts to something — not long ago, a new cryptocurrency called DogeCoin had started off as a joke that played on the Doge meme, but ended up with a market capitalization of $2 billion (Rs. 13,000 crore).

It’s still early days for TattiCoin, but one thing’s clear — as far as cryptocurrency mania goes, shit is really hitting the fan.