Every Year, The Male Employees Of This Lingerie Co. Get To Experience Having Breasts

Companies have a lot of activities in place to test the products they make. If it’s a tech company then employees are often given a software or product to take for a spin, test it out and report their experience and bugs. Some companies even have a name for when their employees test their products – dogfooding – a popular and regular thing at Google. Fashion companies let their employees doll up in their products and even double up as sizing models at times.

But what do you do when your product is a female centric one and most of your employees happen to be men?

You get them to experience what it’s like to be a woman! Or at least that’s what this Belgian lingerie company believes in.

Every year, the 30 odd male employees of PrimaDonna, a lingerie company specialising in large sizes, get to experience having large breasts, particularly E cup sizes. This is made possible by a special contraption made for this purpose that weighs as much as a size E cup (Upto 1.5 kgs) and strapped on to the participating employees. That whole day the employees keep the harness on, feeling what it’s like to be a large-breasted woman, along with all its problems and issues.

The (male) CEO of the company even has a name for this once in a year activity – The PrimaDonna E Cup Day for men. 

“People always come to me and say it must be so much fun to work at your company, all these models, posters of half naked women. But men just don’t think about the effects of actually having an E-cup. They just think about the benefits of large breasts, not the pain.”, he says in a video.

Sure, it may make for an awkward day at work, but it’s a great gesture that shows the company cares. And not only about making beautiful lingerie for women, but also understands and factors in the challenges that come with being a woman. Now only if all female-brands could be this empathetic.