The Smartphone Dictates Our Days – And Nights!

It’s a given that smartphones have become an indispensable part of our routine. But do they need to govern our lives? Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Surve3y, 2015 conducted a global survey of over 2,000 indian respondents spread across 30 countries. A huge 86% of those surveyed owned smartphones, which is a 12% increase over 2013.

How do they use or view their phones? 28% view their appliances between 11 to 25 times per day, 22% between 26 to 50 times and over 17% between 51 to 100 times per day. Not surprisingly, 78% of respondents checked their phone within 15 minutes of awakening with more than 50% doing so within 5 minutes from waking up. Similarly within 5 minutes before going to bed, over 52% checked their phones. The first checks in the morning are of communication messages, followed by emails and sms messages. Indians use their phones for various activities throughout the day.


The frequency of using voice calls and messaging declined approximately 20% in the past 2 years. Perhaps because most users are dissatisfied with the quality of voice calls. This perhaps has led to higher Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Consumers focus more on data and less on real partners

According to Santosh Anoo, senior director at Deloitte, ““With ecommerce and mobile commerce on the rise, consumers are becoming extremely data hungry. There is huge scope for mobile carriers and network operators to monetise this opportunity. However, the telecom sector will need to optimise networks and infrastructure to meet consumer expectations”.

On another level, usage of smartphones has led to a decline in quality of relationships and intimacy. A research study conducted at the University of Missouri amongst Facebook users in the age group of 18 to 82, were of the opinion that their partners FB usage contributed to the decline in their relationships. As the usage of the site increased, the level of the relationships declined proportionately.