Top 6 Most Sought-After Startup Jobs In 2016 And What They Do

While job roles for most companies are more or less similar, some jobs are a reflection of the current economy. India’s in the midst of booming startup culture. Since most of these startups operate online, and are often ecommerce-led, the human resources required for the jobs have shaped accordingly.

We crunched some data on the various job portals and startup communities in India and found the following job roles were the most sought after. We have also analysed some salary trends for these roles to come up with a range. Of course the actually salary offered depends on the company size, candidate’s experience and credentials, and specific requirements of the role.

1. Graphic Designer

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.16.25 pm.png

You’ve often heard how content is the key to creating a brand and breaking the clutter on social media. Sure enough, great design is the key to content. Companies like Zomato, AIB and Ola have managed to create a niche of their own based on their great content alone. Graphic designers bear the onus to make this happen. They are the creative heads who use their mastery over design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, sketching and tons of imagination for creating memorable creatives, website art and help create a unique visual identity for the brand .

Salary range: 5-10L pa

2. Digital Marketing Manager

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This is a great time to be into digital marketing. When most businesses are online, and businesses in the same field, have very little differentiation products wise, it’s how these products are packaged and marketed that will make all the difference. Digital marketing managers take care of aspects like paid marketing, social media, content to ensure that the brand puts their best food forward online, and becomes a household name on social media. Excellent communication skills, a knack for copy writing, knowledge of the nuances of the digital medium, and a dash of creativity is what makes an ideal digital marketing manager.

Salary range: 7-15L pa

3. IOS/Android Developer

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In a market where every online businesses wants to have an app of their own, or be an app-only businesses, someone’s gotta make all those apps. Here’s where developers come in. Armed with a background in computer science or just coding languages, these tech mavericks, working behind the scenes, bring your idea alive in the app. If you love using your Uber and your Myntra, you know whom to thank.

Salary range: 10-25L pa

4. Magento/Shopify Developer

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If you’re able to shop online from  a lot of small and medium ecommerce stores today, thank Magento, Shopify, eCommerce software and platform. Obviously, Magento developers are in huge demand and upcoming ecommerce startups are ready to lap up the good ones. Since it’s  fairly new platform, experience in it almost guarantees a job.

Salary range: 5-13L pa

5. UI designer/UX developer

UI developer job

Though the term UI and UX designers is used interchangeably there’s a difference. User Interface or UI designers are the guys behind interaction design, storyboarding, usability, user experience and visual design of an application or website, while User Interface Developers are the guys who are responsible for taking what designers did and code user-facing part of the application or website (on the web, those are usually the guys who know absolutely everything about cross browser issues, progressive enhancement, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and such – on iOS those might be simply developer who knows Objective C). It is often seen though that people working with the web tend to try and expand their knowledge in both design and development with one of them being their preferred part of the study.

Salary range: 12- 20L Pa

6. SEO manager

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In an age where traditional businesses are going online, and online-only businesses are mushrooming, it’s important for your website to be discovered and ideally stand out. Millions of searches are done on Google everyday, and the first page could mean the difference between success and failure of the business. And this is where the Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in. SEO managers, who sometimes are bundled up with digital marketers, help optimise your website with meta data, keywords and SEO-friendly content ensuring that your business is favoured by Google. A basic knowledge of web coding languages like HTML and CSS is also useful to be great at SEO.

Salary range: 7- 10L pa