This Is Basically Everyone’s Dream Job

There are dream jobs, and then there’s this.

Not many job descriptions say that their ideal candidate needs to be “lazy and unmotivated”, but this is no ordinary job description. Urban Ladder has just posted an opening on LinkedIn for a Senior Mattress Tester. Yeah, that’s basically what it says on the tin. Candidates would be required to test out mattresses by, surprise surprise, sleeping on them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.15.00 AM

“On a typical day, you’ll need to sleep on various Urban Ladder mattresses to check for comfort and ease.”, reads the posting. And Urban Ladder seems to take its mattress testing seriously – the applicant will need to test out mattresses after various scenarios, “such as after consuming coffee and other caffeine-based drinks, after traveling long distances, as well as under different light and sound conditions.” 

While the desired skills look much like other job descriptions (strong customer focus, passion for product quality, attention to detail), there’s one that stands out – “a complete lack of enthusiasm and drive.” Urban Ladder is only looking for the most passionate slumberers – the candidates needs to have a “love for sleeping that would put Kumbhakarna to shame.” This is one hiring ad that could best the best hiring ads in the startups world.

We’re hoping this is an advance April Fool’s joke, or we might see several OfficeChai writers jumping ship before the day is done.