When Harry Potter Aka Daniel Radcliffe Played Receptionist

Imagine, walking into your office, still half-asleep before you’ve had your coffee, and coming face-to-face with a smiling Daniel Radcliffe.

That actually happened at the offices of the Nylon magazine UK, where the Harry Potter star played the perfect (or rather struggling) receptionist. 

(Meanwhile, if you were a Harry Potter character, who would you be, based on your working style? Take this quiz and find out!)

Instead of just filming an interview or playing a fun game with Daniel Radcliffe during his visit to their offices, Nylon put their time with the star to good use, planting him at the receptionist’s desk, having him fill in for an hour unbeknownst to Nylon magazine staffers.

Quite surprisingly, a few employees of the office walked right past Radcliffe, getting straight to work.

Daniel_Radcliffe_Was_Our_Receptionist_for_an_Hour (3)

But other noticed, and as expected, were soon swooning under the Radcliffe charm.

Daniel_Radcliffe_Was_Our_Receptionist_for_an_Hour (4)

On being asked if he was new, Radcliffe, in true British humour replied with a “I’m very new. Very new and very shit”, sending the recording crew into fits of laughter.

Radcliffe wasn’t the only celebrity involved in the prank though. Musician Joe Jonas of Jonah Brothers made an appearance too, playing along with Radcliffe’s act, pretending to be completely clueless and rather bitchy.

Daniel_Radcliffe_Was_Our_Receptionist_for_an_Hour (5)

While we’d rather Radcliffe get back to the job he does the best, act and flash those green eyes, and keep us under a constant state of Harry Potter mania, it was quite a treat to see him play the receptionist at an office, however challenging the job he said might have been.