You Can Opt Out Of Our Calls, But Then Never Come Back To Us For Loans: Bajaj Finserv MD

Bajaj Finserv’s spam calls for loans are so infamous that they’re practically a meme at this point, but the company’s MD has taken a rather unusual approach to the criticism.

Bajaj Finserv MD Sanjiv Bajaj has said that the company will soon given people an option to opt out of its spam calls, but those who opt out should not approach the company again for its services. “You’ll see in three months time, on our website and our web app, an option (to opt out),” Sajiv Bajaj said at an event. “You click it, and we’ll never bother you again. You have the right to be forgotten. But then make sure you never come back to us for our products and solutions,” he said, smiling.

But Bajaj’s comments didn’t go down on Twitter. “If that is the deal, then everyone should opt out,” wrote Twitter user Joy Das. “There are many players who can offer loans. Bajaj Finance is not doing a favour by offering loans when people need and it doesn’t give them right to harass people with calls 10 times a day even after they say they don’t need,” he added.

Other people too felt they’d be happy to never use Bajaj’s services again if they just stopped calling. “Sure, I’ll never ask & have never asked for loans from #BajajFinserv, but please for godsake- STOP those tele marketing calls -8 am in the morning, 10:30 PM in night & any other time in the day!! 🙏🙏 Damn irritating when you are in an urgent meeting or having food & call comes!” another user tweeted.

Other wondered why people had to wait for three months to stop getting calls from Bajaj Finance, and why the company wasn’t being penalized for its spam calls. “First, why should anyone register their number with Bajaj Finance to avoid their marketing calls? Is the govt’s DND registry not enough? If an individual does not want to be troubled by call centre calls the person will be penalised by Bajaj Finance? Is that what he is saying?” wrote a user.

Some people even went as far as to boycott the company. “I receive 3-4 calls from #Bajajfinance almost everyday. Have never once used their services. Will never use them. This CEO is as clueless as their telecallers,” another user said.

Other said that Bajaj’s comments smacked of over confidence and arrogance. “OVER CONFIDENCE & ARROGANCE. Mark this statement as Downfall of this Company,” thundered a user.

Some people even brought up the Bajaj family’s political connections. “Same entitlement as Rahul Gandhi, if you don’t make vote me, I will set the nation on fire. Such attitude is no surprise as Bajajs are family friends with the Gandhis,” wrote a Twitter user.

Others felt that Sajiv Bajaj had destroyed the legacy of his illustrious father with the statement.

These are pretty harsh words, but Sanjiv Bajaj had probably underestimated the annoyance that Bajaj Finance’s calls cause to the average citizen, and Twitter, as is its wont, took his poorly-worded statement to pile onto him. His comments are currently going viral, and the original tweet has more than 800 quote tweets, nearly all of them them lambasting the company. It’s a reaction that Sanjiv Bajaj wouldn’t have anticipated, but if there are memes — such as the one pictured below — going around about your company for years, it might require slightly more empathy than asking people to stop using your services to fix the problem.