This Startup Uses Robots To Make Pizza

Zume is a startup operating from Mountain View, California, barely a few minutes away from Google’s headquarters. Although it is only a few months into operations, the model has the potential of thoroughly disrupting the pizza manufacturing and delivery world. Zume is using robotics in the manufacturing process and has plans to extend the same to the delivery operations too.

Working in its kitchen are two powerful robots, named Marta and Bruno. While Marta spreads sauce on uncooked pies, Bruno is engaged in placing the readied pies in the oven. In between, the robots are assisted by humans too (who add cheese and toppings), but in the times to come, their work may also be taken over by other robots.

At present, the delivery takes place through branded Fiats. But the startup has already created special delivery trucks which have dozens of ovens that can be operated remotely. The final moments of the pizza’s cooking would take place in the truck while moving towards the customer’s destination. This would ensure that its pizza is delivered to the customer straight out of the oven. Necessary approvals from the Department of Environmental Health are required before these plans can be implemented as at present, cooking in moving trucks is not permitted.

Zume was founded in 2015 by Alex Garden, 41 and Julia Collins, 37 who share a burning passion for changing the way the world eats. Alex has worked in various positions for Microsoft and is former president, Zynga Studios. Julia, an MBA from Stanford has been in the food and restaurant sector and was the vice president and CEO of Harlem Jazz Enterprises.

While its technological innovation is grabbing headlines, the Zume website stresses upon the health and wellness aspects of its product. It promises the customer healthy ingredients as well as unique packaging, made from 100% sugarcane fibre, instead of the traditional cardboard box. If the startup has its way, it would be sooner than later that, pizzas, untouched by human hands, could be delivered to your doorstep, straight out of the oven!

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