Some Of The Most Interesting Outdoor Advertising Hacks Done By Indian Startups

While advertising through billboards, hoardings and usually any offline methods is considerably more expensive ( read: up to a million bucks for a months’ spot on a prime location billboard) than online advertising, flush with VC funding, most of the hot startups wouldn’t mind shelling out the dough to stand out from the clutter. And just as well. It makes perfect sense to not only capture the ready online audience, but also onboard and engage a potentially huge and captive offline audience on your platform.

Accel Records Phenomenal Gains From Selling Flipkart Stake

Venture Capital isn’t always the easiest form of investment. You take a bet on a small company with uncertain prospects. The company usually operates in a field that hasn’t been ventured into before, and there are few markers to tell you if it’ll succeed. And most don’t. Nearly 90% of startups fail, and Venture Capital firms are never able to recover their investments. But every once in a while, a startup succeeds. And when it does, the results can be astonishing.

Rahul Yadav’s New Startup To Make Govt. Processes More Efficient

Rahul Yadav’s much vaunted startup is finally beginning to take shape. After being fired from the Housing CEO post, Yadav had taken to social media and announced that his startup would be “10x more than all Indian internet companies put together”. He’d then gone on to tantalizingly reveal bits and pieces about the details of his new venture. It had emerged then that the company would be in the data analytics space and would be called Intellignent Interfaces.