Rahul Yadav’s New Startup To Make Govt. Processes More Efficient

Rahul Yadav’s much vaunted startup is finally beginning to take shape. After being fired from the Housing CEO post, Yadav had taken to social media and announced that his startup would be “10x more than all Indian internet companies put together”. He’d then gone on to tantalizingly reveal bits and pieces about the details of his new venture. It had emerged then that the company would be in the data analytics space and would be called Intellignent Interfaces.

Rahul Yadav Has Words Of Support For TinyOwl Cofounders

Rahul Yadav, the erstwhile CEO of Housing.com, has come out in support of the beleaguered TinyOwl cofounders. The cofounding team of TinyOwl has been under fire over its recent layoffs, and one cofounder was held hostage in its Pune office for over 2 days by irate employees. However, Rahul Yadav, who’s no stranger to controversy himself, had words of encouragement for the TinyOwl team.

Rahul Yadav Is Hiring “Elite Gamers” For His New Startup

If you thought all those hours playing CS or DOTA in college were a waste, think again. They might just land you a role at Rahul Yadav’s new startup.

Yadav, whose new venture is thought be to associated in the data analytics space, has announced a codename for his latest effort: “Intelligent Interfaces (ii)”. According to his facebook update, the new company will combine Artificial Intelligence, Design and Maths to create next-gen Interfaces.