This Is What A TCS Fresher’s Salary Looks Like

For a $160 billion industry grappling with bottle-neck competition, inflation and cross-currency fluctuations, has 200,000 to 300,000 available jobs for 1 million IT and engineering students graduating every year. Despite the talks about TCS and Infosys increasing the salary of employees in FY17, the plight of IT freshers continue nonetheless. While Infosys announced wage hike by 6-12%, TCS went marginally higher with 8-12% hike. But there’s a legitimate concern hovers around freshers’ salary for someone who is prepping to get into the industry straight out of college. And TCS being one of the largest recruiters of fresh IT and engineering graduates calls for the most attention in this regard. So we have looked into it and here’s what a TCS fresher salary would look like.