The Most Valuable Indian Companies By Market Capitalization

TCS, India’s largest IT service provider, has long been outshined by the likes of Wipro and Infosys, but in past few years they clearly have been able to stand ahead of the race. By leveraging its technical and domain capabilities, refurbishing the performance management system and giving a face lift to its weak spots, TCS have been able to become the most valuable company in India by market capitalization.

Here’s our list of top 10.

Narayan Murthy, Co-founder Of Infosys Calls Indian IT Companies “Immigration Agents”.

At an event organised by Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, Narayana Murthy, the co-founder and emeritus Infosys, who was conferred an honorary doctorate at the premium management school, has made a rather controversial statement.
The Infosys founder was reported as saying that Indian IT companies act as “Immigration agents”, referring to the huge onslaught of employees that are sent abroad every year to work onsite in US companies.

TCS Extends Its Notice Period To 3 Months

You have a long waiting period in store if you’re trying to leave your TCS job. India’s largest employer in the IT services industry has announced that it is extending its notice period to 3 months starting March this year. The current notice period at the company is one month.

US Work VISA Fees Shoots Up, Indian Companies Like Infosys, TCS Will Feel The Pinch

Every year thousands of Indians move to the USA for greener pastures. Amongst the topmost of all the US immigrants from India are engineers and software developers from TCS and Infosys, two of the biggest IT services providers. The numbers are so huge, that almost 50-70% of the work permits by the US embassy are given out to Indians. However, in a major revision this year, the embassy has doubled the fees of the H1B (work permit) and L1 (resident) from $2000 to $4000. Infosys and TCS will hit feel the pinch.