Old Man Gets a Beautiful Surprise On His Last Day at Work

Vodafone is known for its beautiful ads, tugging at them heartstrings, sending the warm fuzzies in their wake. Whether it was the adorable pug, or the zoozoos, their ads have always been edgy, creative, and loaded with sentiment.

As part of their new campaign, Vodafone has released yet another sweet commercial. It features an old man who’s wrapping up his belongings on his last day at work and the surprise that follows after.

Last days at work are always so fraught with emotions, and mixed feelings. I remember mine, when the day was a chaotic mashup of the pain of leaving a place after 4 years, hurried goodbyes, packing my stuff, turning in the company assets, and in all that frenzy, looking forward to the new start.

Though my colleagues did sweeten the deal a lot with their lovely farewell cake and messages, and all the nice words that came in the farewell mail, the folks in this ad are something else. (But then, they’re in an ad after all)

Watch the video to know how the office pulls off a beautiful farewell for the veteran.




 Here is another beautiful ad from Titan on surprising a teacher on his last day at work.

(Notice how the main actor is the same girl in both the ads! Farewell specialist, much? 😉



What was your last day at work like?