You’re Right, Your Job Might Well Be Pointless. It’s Science.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking “My job is pointless”, you now have science to back you up. Anthropolgy Professor David Gerber says that a majority of jobs in the current economic climate are “meaningless”, which roughly translates to saying that the world won’t exactly come to a standstill if you don’t show up at work for a few days. He released a report documenting his findings, and the city of London took notice. The city woke up with posters splashed over the underground trains talking about this phenomenon, providing an even more depressing early morning commute for the city’s workers. 




Oh, and he counts “teacher” as one of the jobs that isn’t meaningless. Typical.

But smarmy as he might be, he’s right. My job is pointless is a common grouse, and he’s just proved that it’s a common grouse for a reason. Most jobs aren’t critical. They can either be automated away, or be removed altogether. And it’s already happening – robots are taking over jobs that were dull, repetitive and dangerous. 

And while this does seem like a good idea, saving humans from the drudgery of boring chores, it has its flipside. Unemployment levels around the world are rising, and young people are finding it harder and harder to find gainful employment.