This Indian Tea Company Sent 6000 Teabags To Cleanse Trump

That Donald Trump is made of the stuff that embodies virality wasn’t lost on Teate Teas, a Kolkata based tea company from India. The company pulled a Trump card to cash in on Trump’s popularity ( Or the unpopularity) with a viral stunt. The company sent a total of 6000 tea bags purported to “cleanse trump” to the Trump Towers in New York. And this wasn’t done closed doors. The gesture was orchestrated with an elaborate stunt, complete with 2 Sari clad reps from the company who can seen pulling a trolley full of the tea bags across the city, getting sound bites from on-lookers, and of course with due focus on the core benefits of the tea.

It’s The Worst Summer, But These People Have It Worse Than You

The mercury is rising, heat levels are soaring, and all sorts of temperature records are being broken. While most of us have been whining about the hot summers, sitting in our AC offices that we get to sitting in AC cabs, the truth is that we have it pretty good. The full impact of the hot summers has been much worse for the thousands of workers who are out there on the roads, braving the heat head on.
So, next time you complain about the heat and feel like you need a “well deserved vacation” away from work, spare a thought for these folks.

I Tried A Bike Taxi Today And Learnt Some Incredible Things

When Uber and Ola launched their Bike Taxis in Bangalore within hours of each other, I decided to try it out for myself. I have ridden pillion for hundreds of miles through the treacherous terrains of Ladakh, how bad could a few kilometers in a metro city be? So, I tried a bike taxi for the first time in India, and it was full of precious insights and a sweet banter with my driver Mohun.